Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking a Leave of Absence from Blogging for a While

Hey everyone, I know you must be wondering why there has not been any fresh new posts for a while now.

Well, I've not been in the best of health and mood lately. Work's been a real drag (I'm changing jobs real soon) due to the tedious traveling distance and time, the stifling amount of work, the increasingly horrid customers to deal with, and NO pay increment or appreciation from the management. And my health hasn't been in the pink of late either. Been coming down with bad bouts of gastric flu and fever since the start of January, sprained my side last week, and coughed out streaks of blood in my saliva, and just a few moments ago this evening, I just sneezed out clots of fresh and thick blood!!! (see photo below)
So, I'll be taking a short leave of absence from blogging for the meantime (probably a few weeks). Wish me well, I hope to be up and about, happily blogging again soon...