Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog site!

I decided to abandon the old one because, well let’s face it…it’s seriously outdated, plus honestly, I don’t think that 3 or 4 posts would even qualify it to be regarded as a blog (yeah, I know I know, it’s disgraceful…heh). Anyway, I figured that with a new year comes a new me (I just turned 32 today), so I decided why not revisit the idea of a starting and SUSTAINING a personal blog again, and that’s how THIS blog is “reborn” again.

Like the previous expired blog, I’ll be starting off this new blog with an introduction about myself. So here goes…

First off, here’s my basic bio:
Name: Sung Yao Zong, Jonathan 宋耀宗
(As you can tell, my parents had high hopes when they named me - to bring glory and honor to my ancestors (光宗耀祖)? Whoa! That’s some pressure right? I don’t think I quite lived up to their expectations yet to date. But hopefully in time to come, I would be able to do that? At least to some kinda degree lah)

Notable nicknames: 小宗 or Jon (This is generally how my family addresses me at home), Jon Jon (I was given this nickname by Miss Mabel Chee, my Nanyang Junior College form teacher, whom I only knew for three months before transferring out to Temasek Polytechnic – she calls me by this nickname when she is pleased with me, and calls me by Jonathan when she is angry with me – needless to say, my NYJC classmates teased me non-stop about this), 搖搖宗 (literally translated as Shaking or Jiggling Zong, which is a play on my Mandarin name), 大白鲨 (this was my nickname during National Service when I was a clerk in Stagmont Camp, because of me being fair skinned and large sized), Killer Rabbit (another nickname I had in National Service, this time when I was a clerk in Pasir Laba Camp, because of my “demure demeanor” and when I got angry, they said I was like an angry rabbit, hardly threatening or scary)

Race: Chinese
(Duh! Surely you can tell by just looking at my photos right?)

Date of Birth: 27 October 1977
(You should be able to calculate how old I am from this on your own, and should also be able to derive from this that I am a Scorpio and born in the Lunar Year of the Snake - very poisonous combination (蛇蠍心腸) right? Ha, ha, ha… No lah, I’m seriously quite docile, unless provoked.)

Height: 1.78m or 5 foot 10 inches
Weight: Approximately 160kgs the last time I checked more than 6 month ago
Waistline: Approximately 62 inches or so
(Yes, I know I am what people would refer to as a “superchub”, i.e. obscenely and grossly overweight. But before you decide to discount me just based on my size and appearance, ponder this – I have known plenty of those so-called gorgeous babes and handsome hunks out there who may be fantastic to look at on the surface, but if you delve further beneath that attractive coating, you might find that there are quite a number of them who have abhor-able character and ugly behavior on the inside! And they think they are entitled to or can get away with being condescending and/or outright cruel and nasty to others just because of their looks! Anyway, it’s not as if I didn’t try to lose weight before, but it’s just not as easy as one may think. But I’d leave that story till another day to post about it.)

Area of Residence: West Coast Drive, Singapore
(I stay with my parents and two younger brothers)

Dialect Group: Mandarin
(Yup, that’s my actual dialect group as printed on my birth certificate! Reason being that my grandparents hail from Beijing, so my Dad’s dialect group is Mandarin and as such, so is mine, and my brothers’. This would also explain why I am not proficient in other dialects, because I was brought up being exposed to English and Mandarin predominantly with only a meager spattering of Cantonese occasionally heard when I visit my maternal grandparents’ home.)

Religion: Free Thinker
(No, I’ve not been baptized. I don’t attend church mass or Sunday school on regular basis, except when I studied in a Methodist primary and secondary school and had to go to Monday chapel just like all the rest of my schoolmates. I don’t go to the temple either on ALL their religious festivals and events. Basically, I am open to all ideology of faith, am respectful of their teachings, and would follow some of their customs and practices such as following my parents in paying respects to our ancestors during Qing Ming, but don’t think I would be adopting any one of them exclusively, at least not for now.)

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