Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal Ambition

I currently work in StarHub as a call centre consultant. It’s my first stable job (since the ones I had previously were either temp positions or lasted less than six months) and I’ve been here coming to six years now. I initially took up the job because I needed a job that would allow me time to pursue my freelance journalism (for LIME magazine) and enough stability in its schedule so as to commence and complete my part-time University degree course with MDIS in Mass Communications. And now, in the blink of an eye, I finally graduated last year in the top 10% of the entire faculty, earning me a place in the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society in the United States! But due to the dire financial situation now, I’m kinda stuck in this job now, and have been fruitless in my job search in something more related to my field of study.

To be honest, my dream ambition is to be an entrepreneur. Like Walt Disney, Charles Lazarus (Toys R Us), Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, & Gordon Bowker (Starbucks), Jim Henson, I want to develop my career, focusing on my areas of interests, and eventually with lots of hard work, and plenty of perseverance, be able to build a family business empire that would not only benefit myself but also my family too in the years to come.

At this moment, I see five areas that I would like to focus on:
1) Starting up a DVD rental & sale and entertainment events management business that would eventually be developed into a lifestyle brand
2) Working on a partnership with MediaCorp and/or Scorpio East Entertainment Pte Ltd to produce high-quality DVD box sets of vintage SBC classic dramas
3) Inventing a fast food outlet that serves our traditional family dish of “Peking Pockets”
4) Coming up with an apparel and accessories store locally that caters specifically to the plus sized community of Singapore, both male and female, allowing them to look good even if they do not possess model-like physiques
5) Putting together a dating and lifestyle service for gay clientele, who are no longer interested in one night stands and are seeking to settle down with the right partner, and would be interested in events such as speed dating, dinner for six to meet potential partners, and for attached couples, maybe the planning of commitment ceremony, or possibly overseas trips for weddings in states that recognizes gay marriages, or perhaps just fun trips to Mardi Gras or Key West for couples and/or singles?

For now, it’s all just ideas. I seriously need to get my finances in order before I can work on any of these ideas concretely. So wish me luck! Hopefully I can get started REAL SOON!

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