Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where Is My "Super-Daddy-Bear"?

Now that you’ve read about my self discovery journey of my sexuality, let me just share in brief about the type of guys I am attracted to. Essentially, it can be summed up into three keywords: Superman, Daddy, and Bear.

Don’t ask me why but I found that I’ve always been attracted to guys in glasses. In fact, the nerdier the glasses, the better. I especially like those with the thick, black, plastic frames. My attraction doesn’t just stop at the glasses though. I’d like the wearer to be someone who is relatively well-built in terms of his physique, but yet likes to dress up in clothes that keep his body a mystery. I call this my “Clark Kent/Superman complex”, i.e. I like my guy to look like the ultra nerdy Clark Kent in public, but when he takes off his glasses and shirt, he’s actually possesses a “Superman” physique underneath.

In addition, I’m not sure if it’s because of my Dad’s frequent absences from home due to being stuck at work for the majority of his younger years at work, but I seemed to have developed quite a “Daddy complex” as well! I tend to seek out guys who are quite a fair bit older than me, i.e. eight to fifteen yrs older, because I perceive that they would be more mature, more established in their careers (so they would not be such a workaholic and have more time to spend with me) and that they have a tendency to take care of me (not so much in terms of financial means, but more of an emotional stability).

Now, about “Bears”, there is just something virile about them that magnetically pull me towards them. Not that I don’t find a smooth, young stud attractive (I can appreciate Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Ethan Ruan, Vincent Ng, Adam Chen, etc.), I just being unable to resist the charms of a bear more. I guess if you looked back at my growing up years, you’d find hints of how I could be a bear lover. I mean, my male celeb idols throughout my growing up years included Sean Connery, Tom Selleck, Pierce Brosnan, Mark Harmon, Treat Williams – all belonging to the bear category. And even today, I’d actually prefer a hunky celeb who’d let his chest hair grow out, rather than waxing or shaving it off. And the one guy that I dated that I miss the most to date – he’s a bear too! Sigh…I sure miss his scratchy moustache…

But enough about appearances. That’s really not all I look for in a guy (despite how shallow I may appear at times – Yes, I watch “Polo Boys” just for the eye candy factor alone). Interest, intellect and linguistic abilities are equally important to me as well. He’s got to share my passion for TV, movies, food and stage musicals, be able to carry on a proper conversation with me without us boring each other and able to converse coherently in moderately proper English or Mandarin. I remember dating this guy once whose idea of a conversation was to report to me the repetitions and weights of his gym training regime, and the details of his personal grooming, skin and hair care! ***roll eyes*** Next, please!!!

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