Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unconventional Care Bear Characters!!!

I need you all to promise not to laugh too loudly when I say this. One of the most precious things in my room is my Care Bear Plush Toy Collection. Yes, you’ve heard me right. I collect Care Bear plush toys. To date, I have collected 23 of them, with some of them being two of the same kind too! As you can probably tell from the photo, my favorite one would be “Share Bear” since I’m sure you can spot I’ve got two of her in the vintage edition (with the milkshake on her tummy), one of her in the new series edition (with two lollipops on her tummy) and one mini beanbag vintage version – that’s four of the same kind!!! Now maybe I’ve watched too many Muppet TV shows (e.g. Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, etc.) when I was a kid, but since young, I’ve always pretended my plush toys to be “real characters” and could walk and talk to me (even though I would be the one coming up with the conversations and movements). And being the imaginative and cheeky person that I am, I’d often “reinvent” the personality of these plush toys to be quite different from what most kids would have their toy animals behave typically. No, no, for me, my toy animals would take after characters I see from TV (mostly soaps like “Dynasty” or “Falcon Crest”, etc). So there would be bitches, sluts, philandering playboys, toy boys, stern matriarchs / patriarchs, kids born out of wedlock, Down Syndrome victims, just to name a few of the characters I created in my toy collection. I’d even stage catfights between the slutty bears (the “Share Bears”) and the bitchy bears (the “America Cares Bears”) just for fun. Ha, ha, ha…no prizes for guessing which side I support (hint: my fav color is purple).

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