Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthday Surprise for a New Found Buddy!!!

I think I'm really lucky to have gotten acquainted with this new girl (Arielle) at my workplace (ok lah, she's not exactly that new lah, having worked here for almost five months now).

One of the days during lunch, I decided not to just watch my DVDs (as I do like 99% of the time) and chatted over lunch with her and my other colleagues Sheily and Cleo. And surprise surprise, I found out that she's a fellow TV, movie, food and blogging buff too! After a couple of lunch chats, I found that not only do we share similar interests in those areas, but we even share similar tastes in the shows we follow too!!! e.g. America's Next Top Model, Hell's Kitchen, The Amazing Race, Survivor, just to name a few reality shows we're BOTH fans of.

So anyway, I was glad to have found another pal I could chit chat over my fav topics with...I mean, the only other person who loves these things as much as I do is my youngest brother! So when I got wind that her birthday is this month, I decided to plan a little surprise to show my appreciation of her as my newfound entertainment gossip kaki.

Now, a few months ago, I bought this "Life Story" magazine featuring one of my new fav hunks Taylor Lautner and when I showed her the mag, she told me how she wished there was another one with her fav actor, the lead of Twilight - Robert Pattinson. I couldn't find it in Singapore, so I checked online and yes, there was one! So I managed to hunt a copy down via eBay. It was quite cheap cos it's a backdated copy of a entertainment rag, so I bought it right away!!!

Then, I remember that Arielle told me that she's been "resorting" to watching "Twilight" online and that she's disappointed that the website removed the video recently, and she didn't subscribe to the StarHub channel that was going to show it. So I secretly planned on getting her a DVD of the film. But unfortunately, it was sold out at most of the places I went to. Luckily, I finally managed to track one down at Gramaphone Capitol! Yup, AND it's the Special Edition too, loaded with special features!!! I got one for myself too! Heh heh heh...

So now that the gift is assembled, I passed it to her tonight at work and MAN, was she delighted! I know it's very very early for the gift lah, but you see, "New Moon" is coming up soon and I really wanted her to have enough time to finish all the Special Features and the film before she goes to watch the film lah, so it HAS to be this early.

Hee just makes me SO HAPPY to be able to delight my friends with presents that gets them all excited and happy!

Check out her blog on the gift:


  1. Jon! Thanks for all the effort in looking for a gift. i'm truely touched! I love your present to bits man..=D

  2. No prob, Mermaid! Glad you love it. That's really all that counts when you give someone a present.