Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting My Regular Fix at Waraku

As I previously mentioned in my "Ohsumi Shabu Shabu" post, one of the few Japanese restaurants that I favor, DESPITE its local staff operations, is Waraku.

The funny thing is, I actually stumbled upon and first discovered this Japanese restaurant by accident! What happened was that day, a number of years ago, I had brought my family to Ohsumi for the first time and my Mum thought it looked dim and dingy, and didn't want to eat there (she has since changed her mind and love the Shabu Shabu set lunch there!), so we walked across the street and saw Waraku at StarHub Centre and decided to give it a try. And since then, our family and I are die-hard fans of the food there!!! Ha ha ha...

Apparently, according to the restaurant chain's official website (, even though the operations staff might be predominantly local, the CEO is JAPANESE! (Hmmm... maybe that's why the food here is soooo much closer in terms of authenticity to the actual cuisine within Japan itself, as compared to other local Japanese restaurants e.g. Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei, Fiesta Sushi, Genki Sushi, Kuishin Bo, etc) Having moved to our sunny shores from Japan more than a decade ago, Mr Kiyoshi Ueki opened the first Waraku restaurant outlet at East Coast Parkway in 2000, in an effort "to introduce the fine things Japan has enjoyed in its food, to other people and other countries". And boy am I glad he did, because Waraku is now one of my go-to places when I need my fix of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Ok, enough blabbering from me now...let's check out some of the food offered here! This is what I usually order if I dine here on my own...
Waraku Salad - $6.80 (Mini Bowl)

I love the freshness of the ingredients here!

Rindo - $14.80
Ooh! Two of my fav Jap dishes (Katsu Don & Cold Soba/Udon) combined in one delicious set!

Calpis Float - $2.80
Sweet! The perfect end to my yummy meal!

Total Damage? $21.74 (including GST)

Burp! That was gooooood.... ***grin***

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  1. I love waraku too! It's one of my favourite restaurant. Yummy! =D

    I guess the damage is so much lesser as compared to sushi teh which i adore as well. Well, on days when my wallet is fatter! haha