Monday, November 9, 2009

Delicious European Treats (courtesy of Selena)

Our good friend and ex-night teammate Selena Tan recently came back from her Europe vacation and bought back these scrumptious sweet treats for us last week!!! Isn't she the greatest?!?!?
This is my personal fav from the whole box! Isn't it quaint? With that chocolate "portrait" encased in a biscuit frame? I almost couldn't bear to eat it!

This was interesting. I never thought I'd taste almond-tea-like flavor in a biscuit. Peculiar yet tasty.

Ferrero Rocher fans would LOVE this. It's similar in taste, only more bite-sized.

Thanks again, Selena, for these fabulous, yummy snacks!!! It sure brightened up our day with a much needed sugar fix!

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