Monday, November 9, 2009

YES!!! "Leafy" Good Luck has FINALLY begun!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes...and had to do a double take... YES, ladies and gentlemen, I've now officially become a believer of the Julie Roberts Four Leaf Clovers' magical good luck! Why? Because I finally struck TOTO tonight!!! Ok lah, it's just $30 for matching 4 numbers, but HEY, I've NEVER struck TOTO before lor! So this is SUPER exciting for me!!!

After weeks of not matching anything more than 2 numbers, I was resigning myself to the thought that the clovers probably aren't gonna bring me any luck with regards to lottery, but instead for other areas of my life like I mentioned in my previous post. But I still bought like a quickpick now and then just to try out my personal luck. After all, it's just like $1 only, no harm right? So anyway, earlier this evening, as I went out to dinner with my family, my handphone beeped with the latest TOTO results. So I checked my wallet and saw, sigh...the quickpick I bought last week only matched three numbers. I called my ex-team leader Michelle Guei and asked her if that would win me anything? She said no, minimum must have four numbers. Sigh...I thought, ok, yet again, no luck...

Then, later on, during dinner, I suddenly remembered that I had bought another quickpick this very afternoon too! So, I checked my wallet again and found that I overlooked the lotto slip as it was sandwiched between a few 2-dollar bills! And much to my delight, I saw that I struck 4 digits out of the winning combination!!! YAY!!! Ok, I know that many of you would be thrill...or big deal, but hey, I never won any lotto before EVER! So this is SUPER exciting for me!!! Hee!!!

So there you have it, I guess the four/six-leaf clovers did bring me good luck! But I realized, just as the shop CEO said, you gotta share your luck and love with others to gain good luck. I mean, right after I decided to buy my parents their clovers to share my luck with them did I finally struck the lotto! (And who knows? Maybe that free gold tiger helped too!)

Ooh, and for those of you 8 Days readers out there, yes, that's me on Pg 37!!! Right smack in the middle! Cool huh? I strike lotto and get featured in a magazine ALL IN THE SAME DAY! How's that for good luck?

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