Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Orchard Yong Tau Fu

Having stayed up till 1am last night working on my PC organization (deleting unwanted files and burning the rest onto DVD-Rs) and getting 60% of it done, my original plan when I woke up this morning was to try and get at least another 20% completed by today. But after sprucing myself up, grabbing a morning bite, and sitting down for less than half an hour in front of the PC, suddenly my monitor screen flickered and went black!!! I stared dumbfounded at it for a few seconds and then promptly let out a shriek of horror, shock and dismay! I then leaped out of my bedroom couch and rushed out to frantically checked the electrical mains and found that none of the switchbox tabs had been flicked up, but still NONE of the electrical switches and appliances in the entire house was working. As I opened the front door to check with my next door neighbour auntie if she had the same problem, I saw this guy in worker overalls walking down the stairs and opening all out external switchboxes and flipping up the switches. After clarifying with him, I found out that they are doing some maintenance and servicing works on our block's electrical mains and so there would be a planned outage from 9am to 5pm on half our block's units! When asked why there was no notice to inform us tenants of this, he said that there was a notice pasted on our lift but perhaps someone may have taken it off out of mischief.


Anyhow, this meant that I needed to make some changes to my original plans for the day. I mean, I couldn't stay home right? I can't watch TV, play my DVDs, or work on my PC WITHOUT electricity. So after some thought, I figured...hmmm...I've been having a craving for the Orchard Yong Tau Fu for quite some time now, so why not go down and satisfy my craving? So off I went!

Soonafter, I arrived at the place at 10.30am, which was thankfully a good deal of time before the lunch horde came in - so there were plenty of empty seats to go around for me. Hee hee hee... No kidding ok, because once the masses "attack" at lunchtime, you can pretty much forget about getting a seat here!

I LOVE the wide variety of both cooked and fried items to choose from here. Everything is so fresh, well-prepared and neatly layed out for your easy selection. None of that soggy and lumpy stuff you get from some of those other Yong Tau Fu stalls out there. Plus, eating here doesn't make you thirsty unlike some of those other stalls out there that seem to pile on the MSG into their food items like there's no tomorow. If you're a greens person, there is A LOT of veggies to choose from! From tomatoes, lady fingers, carrots, bittergourds, to kang kong, chye sim, etc...feel free to go wild with your pickings! And their sauces!!! Heavenly!!! You know how some of those Yong Tau Fu stalls' sweet sauce are so overcooked, they actually end up becoming a little bitter? No such case happening here - both their sweet sauce and chilli sauce are made just right! In fact, the sesame seeds are actually mixed into the sweet sauce adding a fragrant aroma to it! Also, you gotta check out the soy beans in the soup! Cooked to perfection, with an unbelieveable "sweet" taste to it, that's why many patrons here love their Yong Tau Fu soup-based too!

Of course, if you know me well, you'd know that being the "unhealthy" kinda guy, I went for dry version with mostly the fried items and a handful of steamed items like tofu, beancurd puff, etc. Heh heh heh...Ooh! And oh yes, how could I forget! To top off the meal, do try a glass of their homemade barley drink! I had mine chilled. Nice and cooling, with actual tender cooked barley beans at the bottom...YUM!!! Just nice for our sweltering weather recently.

So that's it. Craving satisfied. So have I gotten you hungry for some excellent quality Yong Tau Fu? Yes? Well then, hop on down to:

Orchard Yong Tau Fu
5 Koek Road
Cuppage Plaza

Oh, and more good news!!! For those of you who are worried about the queue situation, the towkay there told me that they're opening a branch soon at the new 313:

313 (Somerset)
313 Orchard Road
5th Floor Stall 11

Can't wait!!!

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