Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ohsumi Shabu Shabu

Cuppage Plaza has always been known to be somewhat of a hidden mini paradise of authentic Japanese cuisine restaurants. Next to Liang Court Shopping Centre and Central Mall, this is the third most popular location that most Japanese expats and their families flock to when it comes to them seeking a taste closer to home.

Being a stickler for good food myself, I tend to shun Japanese food joints here in Singapore that have their food prepared by local chefs. With the exception of Waraku and the Japanese food court in Liang Court Shopping Centre, it just seems that most of the time when the food is not prepared by Japanese chefs, it just isn't up to the standard that one might get of the same Japanese dish in the land of the rising sun.

Having tried and tested many of our local Japanese restaurants' Shabu Shabu steamboat, I finally stumbled upon this gem of a place at Cuppage Plaza (thanks to the recommendation of my Auntie Ying - yup, she's a stickler for good Japanese cuisine too!). And after having my first Shabu Shabu meal here, I've sworn off all other local Shabu Shabu places in Singapore for good.

A word of warning though, if you're intending to go for all the prime meats here (i.e. Kurobuta pork and Wagyu beef), you better be prepared to go in with a fat wallet, cos they ain't cheap. Ha ha ha... For me, I usually order a set of assorted normal pork, a set of normal beef and then a set of the assorted Kurobuta pork and once in a blue moon, a set of Wagyu beef as well to share amongst the family and that already sets us back nearly S$200 for dinner! You get the picture. If you're new here and just want to "test the waters", then my suggestion would be for you to just go for the normal assorted pork or beef (but my tip would be to try the pork, since this restaurant is famous for its pork rather than its beef), which would set you back roughly S$40+ for a set meal (which includes veggies, rice, soup, pickles, green tea and dessert for lunch, OR veggies, rice cakes, soba or ramen, pickles and green tea for dinner). Personally, I prefer having lunch here - it's cheaper, and I think that having the steamboat with rice is nicer than having it with rice cakes and noodles, not to mention there's a scoop of green tea ice cream to finish off the meal!

For a pictorial tour of what a meal at Ohsumi might look like, here are some photos taken from a fabulously sumptous dinner that I had with my new-found close gal pal at work, Serene Chang, last week (on 12 November 2009)!

Here are the condiments that come with each meal set. You get not one but THREE dipping sauces for your meats! I love the sesame sauce (i.e. the one in the middle), and usually nearly finish it before we're even at the halfway point of the meal (and would need seconds and sometimes third helpings! Ha ha ha...)!

Here are the veggies for a two-person portion. You should see the HUMONGOUS one we get when my family and relatives (party of 8 or 9) come for a meal here!

You can choose between the clear soup base or the soya milk soup base. As you can tell, we opted for the clear one (which is what I usually order too).

And here are the stars of the meal - the MEATS!!! We ordered a plate of the assorted Kurobuta pork and the U.S. beef that night.

So there you have it. That's what a Shabu Shabu meal set at Ohsumi looks like.

Have I tickled your taste buds? If the answer's yes, hop on down to have a taste of excellent authentic Shabu Shabu here at:

5 Koek Road
Cuppage Plaza
Telephone: 62356178

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